973-750-1500 Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks
Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

About The TBLS Group

Since 2009, The TBLS Group has delivered high-impact business results for clients through our multi-disciplinary, metrics-based approach to resolving environmental liability and creating sustainable business practices. We perform environmental valuations and formulate clean-up strategies, and enhance sustainability, to help our clients improve their bottom line. Our services profile and assess the risks while providing solutions for straightforward as well as complex environmental issues. Please contact us today to discuss your environmental problem or opportunity. 

We quantify and resolve environmental liability issues associated with M&A, real estate and other transactions.
Our mission is to mitigate risk and reduce the costs of complex liabilities to enable our clients to achieve rapid, unencumbered deal-closing.
We are experts in strategy, risk management and financial solutions relating to large, complex liabilities.
Our core services include environmental liability valuations, financial risk modeling, regulatory audits and litigation support.
We introduce financial solutions via liability buyouts and stop-loss assurance where appropriate.
TBLS experts  have resolved over $5 billion of liability involving oversight of more than 3,000 environmentally impaired sites. Representative clients include BP, Valero, Goodyear, Ford, Hertz, Celanese, Roche and Chinese Petroleum Company.
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