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Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

The TBLS Sustainability Team

About the TBLS Group: The TBLS Group is a cohort of sustainability experts whose mission is to accelerate the integration of sustainability practices into strong marketing and business strategy as a triple bottom line practice. As a marketing company we help to guide our clients and weave the sum of diverse sustainability practices into the sales, marketing and branding process. We create high impact communications strategies for our clients. Each of our clients has access to our multi-disciplinary team of senior executives whose disciplines include, metrics, operations, change management, compliance, creative design, sales and marketing . We are bound by the mutual commitment to accelerate sustainability practices across business throughout the world. The following award winning experts join the TBLS Team as required:


Frances Schlosstein
President, The TBLS Group

Frances is a 25-year marketing veteran and sustainability expert with both agency and industry background. As an intrapreneur and entrepreneur she has launched new products, brands and companies for industry including Citibank and Blackrock. She has also served as strategist for agencies with client lists that included global and local financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology companies. Prior to starting her own company in 2005, Frances led the U.S. operations of a spin-off of Siemens, Webwasher – a company that was later acquired in 2004 for $50 million. Frances has masters in marketing and communications, and has completed the Master’s certification program of the Fairleigh Dickenson Institute for Sustainable Enterprise. She has also completed the coursework for the LEED Associate certification. She is committed to community service and sees public-private partnerships an important piece of the new business paradigm. She serves on the board of of NJ chapter of Net Impact where she has the role of industry partnership development. She also serves on the board of High Ridge House and the New York Metro Chapter of Infragard.


Ira Feldman
US Attorney and International Management Consultant

Ira has 25 years experience as a US attorney and international management consultant focusing on environmental regulatory innovation, strategic environmental management, sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility. At the leading edge of the convergence of sustainability, climate adaptation and ecosystem service with a deep expertise in the development of corporate voluntary excellence programs, environmental performance tools and strategies, and international standards such as ISO and GRI.


Joan Simpson
Financial Executive and Chief Sustainability Officer

Joan created Verizon’s corporate sustainability program. Prior to leaving Verizon after 33 years, Joan defined and outlined Verizon’s initial plans for sustainability including paperless billing, use of alternative vehicles for Verizon fleet, requirements for purchasing and vendors, and establishing real estate operational rules. As a finance and operations leader, she is credited with saving Verizon over $62 million over a 7 year period. Joan serves as TBLS’ Chief Sustainability Officer for Operations.


William G. Russell
Managing Director of SustainEdge

Co-author of The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook: When It All Comes Together, William is Managing Director of SustainEdge, advising companies implementing holistic Sustainability Programs as they journey towards sustainability while maintaining and enhancing profits. He previously served as the US environmental practice leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers and as President of Ecos Technologies. He is an adjunct professor, advisory board member and research fellow of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Institute for Sustainable Enterprise (ISE) and its Sustainable Business Incubator.


Peter Levinson
Creative Director

Peter transforms companies and brands as artistic director bringing visual integrity and design to the team. As president of LevinsonBlock, he brings over 20 years of experience and has worked extensively with entrepreneurs, non-profits and technology companies. Peter is a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow and has received numerous awards for his design. His work has received an American Graphic Design Award and appeared in Designing for the Greater Good, an annual of great marketing for non profits. His work has also been selected for the Logo Lounge II Annual, Print Regional Design Annuals, and Print’s Best Logos and Symbols. Peter is a board member of the Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society of New York (HPRMS).


Mary Reilly

Mary Reilly has over 20 years of experience working with companies to align their people to their strategies as an officer at AIG and an outside consultant. She supports successful corporate greening through leadership development, process improvement, and training. She has been able to: increase employee loyalty, cuts costs, and increases productivity. She holds a Masters degree in Sustainability. Her credentials also include certifications in: LEED Associate, Six Sigma, Qualified DiSC® Facilitator, Situational Leadership II®, and Charrette Certified by NCI.

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