973-750-1500 Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks
Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

The TBLS Environmental Advisory Group: Experience and Expertise

TBLS advisors have provided an array of services to companies and professionals in a range of industries. Major areas of experience and expertise are described below.

Industry and Sector Experience

We have extensive experience in Energy,  Mining,  Transportation,  Industrial,  Manufacturing,  Chemical/Pharma,  Financial,  LandFills & Waste Management Facilities and Food and Beverage.  Our experts have helped to resolve over $50 billion of liability involving oversight of more than 3,000 contaminated sites.

Litigation and Legal Support Experience

In support of attorneys, law firms, in-house counsel and legal and corporate officers, TBLS experts have served as expert witnesses, consultants, strategists and valuators of environmental liabilities. We bring our full litigation and deal experience, as well as our deep knowledge base and technical know-how, to help you win cases and move deals to closing. We look forward to serving you.

Insurance Industry Experience

TBLS experts have worked on some of the largest liabilities in the world. We have helped Insurance carriers such as AIG, ACE, Zurich and others to understand and underwrite risk, assess and fairly negotiate claims settlements, and resolve disputes involving state and federal regulatory agencies. We often serve carriers as an extension of their in-house resources.

NRD and Sediment Contamination Experience

Our environmental lead, Jeff Andrilenas, RG, RHG, has won awards for his innovative and cost-saving management of some of the largest NRD and sediment remediation projects. These include Todd Shipyards and the Duwamish River cleanup in Seattle, Washington. For detailed background, see NRD and Sediment Contaminationexperience or case studies.

Risk Profiling & Risk Control Experience

In order to manage environmental risk, especially with respect to large, long-tail projects in which financial, environmental, regulatory and ESG concerns must be addressed, TBLS takes an integrated and comprehensive approach to risk profiling and risk control.

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