973-750-1500 Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks
Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

Environmental Regulatory Audit Services

Regulatory Audit Capabilities

At TBLS, we understand the intricacies of regulatory oversight, and have deep capabilities for conducting compliance audits and assessments. We resolve the full range of compliance issues relating to cleanup and remediation of large toxic-waste sites and complex, multi-site contamination. We also provide audit/assessment services in the context of M&A transactions, real estate sales/purchases and cross-border deals. We are intimately familiar with ISRA, CERCLA, Clean Water Act, RCRA/Superfund, NRD EPA and other regulatory structures. Regardless of the liability or challenge, our “industry insider” perspective enables us to perform audits that are fair, technically sound and inherently solution-oriented, all while advocating our client’s position.

EH&S Environmental Compliance Auditing

TBLS staff have worked internally in the EH&S groups of such Fortune 100 companies as BP Oil and AIG. Our experts have also served as consultants evaluating the EH&S practices and risk management of hundreds of middle-market and large-capitalization companies involving all types of Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC).

Following ASTM and/or ISO standards, we conduct audits on behalf of legal and insurance functions and EH&S management. We take into account the varying factors that motivate compliance audits as well as the client’s objectives, seeking out measures to enhance risk-management practices and improve the health, safety and environmental condition of corporate facilities.

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