973-750-1500 Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks
Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

Environmental Insurance Advisory Services

Deepening Your Team of Environmental and Engineering Experts

TBLS Advisory’s services for carriers and brokers of Environmental Insurance integrate environmental and financial risk-management analytics to support due diligence, underwriting, deal closing and claims-management functions. Our expertise includes years of experience advising on all aspects of the complexities and risks associated with environmental insurance.

Insurance Services

TBLS Environmental Risk-Control Services assist carriers in developing risk metrics and control measures to manage industry and commercial operations. This includes air and wastewater discharge, hazardous waste storage and disposal, environmental remediation as well as closure and post-closure care.

TBLS Claims Support Services provide technical claims management for determining reasonable expenses as well as analytics for cost-effective evaluation and management of claims. TBLS can also assist in emergency response actions, large sediment and Natural Resource Damage actions and remediation.

TBLS Underwriting and Renewal Support includes audits and analytical help when needed to place CGL, Pollution Legal Liability (PLL), Stop Loss/Cost Cap and other products.

TBLS Environmental Risk Profiling provides objective, third-party evaluation of insurance carrier portfolios. Evaluations can cover current and future potential liability as well as the risk of future financial losses. Risk analysis and reporting includes regulatory, political, claim stressor, cost and remediation cost and ongoing success profiling, as well as bodily injury/property damage assessments. We can also work directly with insurance underwriters and claims officers to manage clean-ups and long-term O&M in the most cost-effective way.

Litigation and Other Legal Support; Court-Recognized Experts

TBLS professionals have worked on the substance, technical merits, consistency and methodologies of claims for cases involving issues under ISSRA, CERCLA, the Clean Water Act, RCRA, Natural Resource Damage and numerous state programs. TBLS helps evaluate the logic of liability claims and assist legal teams to build a solid case.

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