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Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

Jeff Andrilenas, RG, RHG

Jeff AndrilenasTBLS Group Environmental Advisory Services Lead – Mr. Andrilenas, Executive Vice President and Lead for TBLS Environmental Advisory Services, has conducted environmental studies of over 3,000 sites in North America and overseas. His experience spans a wide variety of industries (including energy, chemicals, mining, manufacturing, agribusiness, food & beverage and others) and regulatory frameworks (RCRA, CERCLA, UMTRA, NRDA and TSCA, most state and local environmental regimes and international equivalents of the U.S. EPA). Mr. Andrilenas has worked as a consultant to some of the largest global industrial companies and as in-house environmental specialist for two Fortune 500 companies (BP Oil and AIG, the largest environmental insurer worldwide). Using his extensive background in environmental and financial modeling, Mr. Andrilenas is known for bringing innovative and practical financial solutions to the management of environmental liabilities.

At BP Oil, Mr. Andrilenas worked in the Environmental Resource Management (EH&S) Group (U.S. West Coast). He was responsible for environmental management, compliance and resolutions (NFAs) with respect to 1,400 downstream facilities ranging from refineries, pipelines and terminals to gas stations. The facilities were acquired by Tosco (now ConocoPhillips).

Mr. Andrilenas served as senior consultant in the “Cost Cap” group at AIG, an elite unit within the EH&S division. In this capacity, he became AIG’s expert advisor on some of the company’s largest and most complex environmental liabilities. His duties included Superfund-site oversight, sediment remediation at Superfund sites throughout the U.S., BRAC transfer, Natural Resource Damage and environmental account auditing. Mr. Andrilenas won numerous accolades for his service at AIG. In 2001, he was recognized as the company’s top internal consultant worldwide, receiving AIG’s Distinguished Service Award.

As a remediation expert, Mr. Andrilenas is proficient in analyzing environmental liability and the technical aspects of liability buy-outs, and in establishing closure/post-closure care reserves. Mr. Andrilenas utilized advanced financial and environmental risk modeling at AIG for the underwriting of environmental policies and management of claims. As Environmental Lead of the TBLS Group, Jeff has built a number of sophisticated financial models for use in environmental valuation and claims management.

Always an innovator, Mr. Andrilenas has successfully founded five environmental practices and firms over the course of his 25-year career. Most recently, in 2006 (following a two-year incubation period at AIG) Mr. Andrilenas co-founded and served as Executive Vice President of Bluefield Holdings Inc., a structured environmental finance company and ERISA-approved “Green” investment vehicle. Bluefield operates in the public/private partnership space to facilitate settlements of Natural Resource Damage claims through environmental credits used as tender by industrial Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs). Today a $6 billion pension and investment advisory fund is the majority owner of Bluefield Holdings.

Mr. Andrilenas was also a founder and Vice President of ADaPT Engineering, which was purchased by LSI Industries in 2000. Between 1986 and 1999, Mr. Andrilenas founded and grew the environmental practice of AMEC, one of the fifteen largest A&E firms in the world. Assuming increasing responsibility at AMEC, Mr. Andrilenas became Regional Environmental Manager/Remediation Principal for North America. He directly managed projects in Mexico and the Republic of China, and oversaw others in South America, India, the Middle East, Europe and the former Soviet Union. During his tenure at AMEC, Mr. Andrilenas worked with over fifty Fortune 500 clients.

Jeff’s expertise includes environmental liability assessment and management; M&A-related environmental valuations; environmental operations and remediation; litigation support and settlement/negotiation evaluation; mediation support; real estate transactions; financial modeling and quantification analyses; project management; and government interface and public affairs. Mr. Andrilenas has authored or co-authored over fifteen scientific publications in the environmental and international business space. He is a financial/environmental products inventor and is the chief author on patent applications relating to environmental evaluations.

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