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Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

TBLS Environmental Liability Advisory M&A Divestiture, Bankruptcy Experience

The TBLS Environmental Advisory expertise was honed over 25 years through experience at global giants AIG and BP as well as in leadership positions with environmental consulting companies on some of the largest cleanups in the world.  Our Advisory Lead alone has worked on over 3,000 impaired sites, representing more than $5 billion of liability.

Services conducted include the valuation of portfolio assets in 27 states and four continents always following ASTM Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) methodologies.  The TBLS Advisory experience navigating regulatory agencies is extensive including cases overseen under CERCLA, Clean Water Act, RCRA, Superfund, NRD, and EPA.

Representative Environmental Liability Advisory Experience during M&A, Bankruptcy, Divestiture, and Buyout:

Contaminated Real EstateProperty Divestitures and Redevelopment

  • Adak Island BRAC Transfer –Valuation of over 1000 environmentally impaired sites.
  • Brownfield Redevelopments Evaluation/quantifying risk; Regulatory, litigation and purchase/sale support for Vulcan, Prologis, Cushman Wakefield, Vornado, Grubb and Ellis REITS
  • Pacific Gas & Electric – San Rafael, CA Valuation of former gas plant cleanup for Brownfield Redevelopment
  • Prologis, NJ: Remediation cost estimating related to the lease  of 100 + warehouses for Stormwater reuse rights
  • Portland Oregon: Sediment Remediation and upland cleanup analysis of shipyard for National Developer

Liability Buyouts, M&As, Divestitures and Bankruptcy

  • USEPA: 6 Oil Company Liability Buyout/ Confidential –Valuation Reports re: releases from 6 oil refineries
  • BP/Conoco Phillips AcquisitionPost-merger clean up of 1400 facilities at 50% cost of original valuation
  • Conoco Phillips/Unocal Acquisitions –Due diligence of 78 downstream facilities including Phase I  &II ESAs
  • Williams Company/Tesoro Terminal M&A –Valuations and environmental audits of over 30 marine, pipeline, and distribution terminals in thirty remote Alaska sites
  • Premcor/Valero Refineries M&A –Valuation and audits of eight Premcor refineries following ASTM procedures.
  • Exxon Mobil / BP Acquisitions – Valuation of 800 W. Coast sites; Post Acquisition Remediation of 200 sites
  • GATX / Shore Terminals / Kinder Morgan –Conducted environmental studies for 3 marine terminals pre-divestiture. Lockheed Shipyards/Port of Seattle Liability Buyout Valuation of two shipyards being divested by Lockheed Martin. 
  • Ford Motor Company – Divestiture investigation and later remediation of a Ford Motor plant in Tigard, Oregon
  • Two Banks: Forensics claim support  of liabilities for trust during M&A

Representative International Environmental Advisory Experience

  • Chinese Petroleum Company (CPC) – World Bank: Certified expert in environmental cleanup teaching CPC and the Chinese Government Research Institute (ITRI) how to do environmental cleanup the “American” way. Supervised EHS staff in design of first bioremediation for 6 WWII era marine and refinery terminals.
  • Federal Mexican Railroad (FMN) Railroad Fueling Terminal Guadalajara, Mexico – Remediation of 20 FMR railroad terminals. Forensic Analysis & correction of failed 200-acre remediation where sewer line explosion caused deaths.
  • PetroCan Remediation of pipeline spill into Frazier River in Canada.
  • General Motors, Brazil – Investigation and remediation of GM plants in Mexico and Brazil.
  • Goodyear; Senior oversight & contract negotiations for construction of DNAPL sparging remediation system at Superfund site in Phoenix, Arizona for Goodyear Tire & Rubber.  Also setup, negotiated contract, and program manager of multi-office contract.  Program included over 40 other Goodyear projects in Canada and in the US.
  • General Electric – worked on RI/FS equivalent of GE facility in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
  • United Technologies – senior project management for Phase 1 ESAs for new facilities as part of their expansion of manufacturing platform worldwide.
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