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Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

Sue Pinera MS, BS, Environmental

Sue Pinera MS, BS, Environmental, TBLS Environmental Advisory Services Corporate Risk Management – Sue Pinera is an environmental leader that has been a corporate environmental expert for over 27 years.

Ms. Pinera’s most recent position was with The Hertz Corporation where she led the strategy and implementation of environmental programs for the Corporation globally. She has extensive experience in the investigation and remediation of contaminated properties. Sue also has a considerable background in the assessment of properties for environmental risk. She was the Subject Matter Expert for the Company’s mergers and acquisitions including the acquisition of the Dollar Thrifty Group which had a portfolio of over 800 US locations. While at The Hertz Corporation Ms. Pinera was instrumental in developing the global policies and procedures for environmental compliance and best practices. She has extensive knowledge of regulations worldwide.

Sue also understands the business and economics of managing environmental risk and was responsible for reducing the Corporation’s future environmental liability by over 50%. She was responsible for establishing budgets for annual capital and operating plans and worked closing with the Company’s Finance, Planning and Analysis (FPA) Group.

During her tenure at The Hertz Corporation, Ms. Pinera evaluated various financial options to manage the risk of underground tanks, including insurance and performance bonds. She also was the decision maker determining the appropriate means of remediation at numerous facilities across the Corporation’s portfolio and advised senior management on the correct courses of action to achieve regulatory closure.

Additional highlights of Ms. Pinera’s career include the following:

  • Brought in over $10 million in remediation reimbursement money from State Trust Funds
  • Oversaw the engineering and design standards for above and below ground storage of petroleum
  • Provided ongoing support to field personnel for compliance with hazardous materials and waste regulations
  • Acted as a liaison with regulators and regulatory agencies to promote the Company’s compliance
  • Communicated with operations to prepare for in house and regulatory audits
  • Managed the work of the Environmental and Fueling Team and projects, including budgets, timelines and
  • Evaluated, researched and enhanced department systems and procedures and developed in house procedures for the storage and handling of hazardous materials and emergency spill responses.

Sue holds a BS in Environmental Resource Management from The Pennsylvania State University, and an MS in Environmental from the NJ Institute of Technology.

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