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Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

TBLS Sustainability Products & Services

TBLS Products:

Sustainability Assessment Tools: We can help with your sustainability assessment process.  The TBLS Group works with its partners to provide a set of proprietary sustainability assessment tools to help companies of different sizes and needs to create the baseline metrics and reports they need.

  • Establishing a baseline for reporting and creative execution:
    • GRI
    • Small business sustainability assessment tool
    • Mid-size company sustainability tool
    • Corporate Assessment

Strategic Planning for a Sustainable Future: TBLS generates an integrated bottom line that grounds your company with a realistic creative approach that protects you from “green washing” and enables you to prioritize for profitability.

Branding and marketing

  • Communications and messaging across multiple targets
  • Creative execution of green marketing, advertising and PR
  • Sustainability Reports
  • ESG Valuation and Reporting

The following training and education services are available:

  • Four easy ways to begin at a broader sustainability strategy
  • Management seminar: The Integrated Bottom Line Leveraging Sustainability for Enhanced Brand and Business Growth
  • Borrow our Chief Sustainability Officer to help you get started
  • Create a baseline for measuring the ROI of your sustainability initiatives

The TBLS Group Sustainability Practice

100+ years of industry experience

The TBLS Group (Triple Bottom Line Strategies Group) is a marketing strategy and creative team backed by a cohort of sustainability experts. We include a full marketing and creative team supported by business, finance and organizational development experts, collectively representing 100+ years of experience.  Our team members have set and upheld standards for sustainability best practices at Verizon, PriceWaterhouseCooper, green start-ups and entrepreneurial venture over many years.

Passionate commitment to sustainability as a business driver

Many of us met while pursuing our Master’s Certificate in Sustainability at the Institute of Sustainable Enterprise at Fairleigh Dickenson University. Accelerating sustainability as a bottom line practice for the TBLS Group goes beyond career choice; it is our passion and a place where we can contribute our years of finely honed industry experience to help clients become more sustainable. Our team approach enables you to more quickly meet and exceed business objectives.

Helping to keep your Sustainability initiatives in-house

Whether the priority project is greening the supply chain to save money and reduce energy footprints or creating an integrated corporate social responsibility program, or developing a green marketing strategy to target new markets our clients have access to our interdisciplinary resources and expertise. Our goal is to support in-house efforts so that your initiatives are cost-effective and bottom line driven.

Compliance, ROI, Employee Engagement

Industry surveys are showing that sustainability is a top priority of the corporate agenda. In one survey, 59% of executives stated that sustainability does or will guide major parts or the entirety of their corporate agendas.*Interest is driven by increasing regulatory, consumer and investor pressure, by the fact that sustainability represents sound business practices.

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