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Financial Solutions and Strategies for Environmental Risks

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What is Good for the Environment is Good for Business:

A Case for Sustainabiltiy:

At the height of the 2008 recession sustainable enterprises outperformed peer companies by as much as 15%, Five years later it is the business community that is driving the global sustainability agenda.  In fact 84% of CEOs participating in the 2012 Accenture – UN Global Impact Studies “believe that business should lead efforts to drive and deliver sustainable development goals”.   Corporate  participation in ISO standards, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Fair Trade, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index  and other programs continues to increase.  As it does the value of these corporate socially responsibility  (CSR) efforts  are consolidated and reported   to investors, consumers, employees, and vendors  as the Triple Bottom Line Strategies referencing financial, environmental and community-based ROI.

Generating Triple Bottom Line Impacts

The Triple Bottom Line Strategies (TBLS) Group asserts that sustainability should map to the bottom line and not be a cost center.  We help prioritize sustainability initiatives to produce the strongest ROI. Whether the priority project is reducing corporate carbon and energy footprints to save money, greening the supply chain, generating green teams and marketing initiative or developing metrics for sustainability reporting, our clients have access to the TBLS  interdisciplinary resources and expertise.  Our goal is to support in-house efforts  so that your in-house initiatives are cost-effective and scalable.

A Team of Experts from Metrics to  Green Marketing

TBLS today includes three divisions: Sustainability Metrics and Marketing, Environmental Risk Management Solutions, Environmental Audit & Valuation Services. Our sustainability experts are independent leaders in industry, academia, and consulting with backgrounds at Marsh, AIG, Environmental Law and Regulatory Agencies, Verizon, and Financial Services. As a cohort we are committed to results and to bringing to clients powerful integrated sustainability  programs.

Our Story

The TBLS Group is a cohort of sustainability experts whose mission is to accelerate the integration of sustainability practices into strong marketing and business strategy as a triple bottom line practice. As a marketing company we help to guide our clients and weave the sum of diverse sustainability practices into the sales, marketing and branding process. We create high impact communications strategies for our clients. Each of our clients has access to our multi-disciplinary team of senior executives whose disciplines include, metrics, operations, change management, compliance, creative design, sales and marketing . We are bound by the mutual commitment to accelerate sustainability practices across business throughout the world.

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